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English name: Atlantic salmon
Latin name: Salmo salar
Country of origin: Norway
FAO: 27
Catch method: Farmed
Recommended storage temperature : 0-2°C

The best Salmon is hand-picked and only the finest filets find their way to the counter. Two hours is all it takes from living salmon to filleted and expertly packed Frøya ready for rapid cooling. That guarantees the fresh taste of perfection.
Every Frøya Salmonfilet is of Sushi quality and can be enjoyed raw. The Sushi lovers first choice, however is the exquisite back loin offering perfect slices from the whole loin – no waste.
It is no secret that environment impacts the quality of all natural produce. The marine environment surrounding the island of Frøya is perfect for cold water seafood. With tides and strong currents bringing clean and nutritious seawater securing optimal conditions for the salmon. More

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