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English name: Common Ling
Latin name: Molva Molva
Country of origin: Norway
FAO: 27
Catch method: Wild catch (Lines and hooks)
Recommended storage temperature : 0-2°C

Common Ling is found in the waters of the Barents Sea and the North Sea. The manatee has an elongated body, a beard on the chin, and two dorsal fins, with the rear dorsal fin corresponding to about half the length of the body. The back is dark and mottled and the belly is lighter. It grows to a length of up to 2 meters when it weighs about 30 kg, but it usually measures no more than 1.7 m.
The meat of the Ling has a somewhat coarser texture, it is usually sold filleted. It is also salted and dried in Norway, Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Ling fillets are great for frying or deep-frying.

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