Fresh fish and seafood only from proven sources

All our fish and seafood come from proven sources with MSC certification for sustainable fishing. All these fishermen comply with the allowances allowed for the species in order to avoid declining fish stocks in the seas and oceans. We want to offer you fish and seafood for another 20 years :)

Welcome to the Blue Fjord seafood market and restaurant e-shop

We are the only real fish market in Prague where you can taste and buy the best of sea and freshwater fish.

The quality and freshness of fish and seafood is our highest value. We are always looking for new suppliers and ways to bring fish of the freshest and best quality. For many products, you have the opportunity to purchase them before 24 hours have elapsed since they were taken out of the sea. Fresh fish come to our fishery several times a day and from many countries around the world (Norway, Holland, France, Croatia, USA, and many other countries from around the world).

In our assortment you will find Seabream and Seabass from Croatia, Label Rouge salmon from Scotland, about 12 species of oysters from France, Ireland and the Netherlands, lobsters from Canada, tuna fillets from the Maldives or Sri Lanka, exotic fish such as Grouper or Red Snapper from the Maldives or the Nile Perch from Lake Victoria and many other first-class fresh fish and seafood.